Karen Mayer-Cunningham has been advocating on behalf of children for over 20 years.  Karen is relentless in getting the services and resources your child needs to succeed in the classroom. Her unlikely journey as an advocate began in an effort to get needed services for her own son, but along the way, found a calling to share the resources she had discovered. 

Karen is dedicated to educating families, equipping them with the training and information that they need to successfully navigate the special education system.  Karen’s no nonsense, tell it like it is, very direct and effective approach, sprinkled with a little humor is helping families nationwide.  Karen is quick to remind everyone …  

“When we get it right for the child, we get it right for everyone.” 

14 + 12 =

What people are saying about Karen: 

David Baldwin:  “Karen is honest, straightforward, has a big heart, and commands a healthy respect from each school system she confronts.”

David Laine:  “Karen helped us navigate the unfamiliar, and put us at ease with her guidance and support.”

Janet Lewis:  “Karen is the best of the best! Her professionalism and knowledge allow you to make inroads for your child.”

Lisa Odom:  “Karen completely changed my son’s life. My son was in a horrific school situation and she got him out of it.” 



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