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Helping everyone that sits at the 504/IEP table navigate and negotiate successful student outcomes.


If you found this website looking for SPECIAL EDUCATION ADVOCACY for your student’s 504 and/or IEP services, you are in the RIGHT place!

The Academy

The Academy, a premier monthly membership answering the most asked questions about Special Education Testing, IEPs, 504, and more. Providing result-driven solutions, resources, training and guidance for families, educators and leaders in the IEP process.

Advocate Training

Change your career – Change a child’s future – Become a Special Education Advocate. Providing Training for Families, Educators, and Leaders involved in the 504/IEP Process

HI! I am …


Special Education Boss™

Professional Advocate

Keynote Speaker

Coach & Global Life Changer

and sometimes …

a Comedian

I am dedicated to educating families, educators, and leaders by equipping them with the training and information needed to successfully navigate the special education system, specifically IEPs and 504. I have a no nonsense, tell it like it is, very direct and effective approach, sprinkled with a little humor, helping families nationwide. Remember … “When we get it right for the child, we get it right for everyone.”

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